Michael Nuzzo


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Will Coffee-mate's New Marketing Exec Be Eaten Alive? Video Oct 23, 2015

Group Creative Director

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Nestle Staffs a Coffee Bar With Nude Baristas in Coffee-Mate Stunt Video Jul 17, 2015

Group Creative Director

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HBO: HBO Now - 12 Days of Gifting Day 2 - Entourage Video Dec 08, 2015
HBO: HBO Now - 12 Days of Gifting Intro Video Dec 08, 2015
HBO All-Stars Band Together to Sing Unique Rendition of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' Interactive (video) Dec 07, 2015
HBO Now Wants You to Help Make the Greatest Day in TV Ever Interactive (Slideshow) Sep 24, 2015
HBO Starts a Dragon Hunt to Hype 'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Premiere Interactive (video) Apr 10, 2015
Toyota Uses Oculus Rift to Educate Teens on Driving Safely Interactive (video) Jan 14, 2015
Toyota: Parents Who Drive Bad Anonymous Video Nov 12, 2014
HBO Creates a Twisted ABC Book for Print (Slideshow) Jul 16, 2014
'Game of Thrones' Fan Tweets Are Turned into a Digital Iron Throne Interactive (image) Apr 17, 2014
Oreo: Snack Hacks Fanatic Hack by Michael Voltaggio Video Apr 09, 2014
Oreo: Snack Hacks Impulse Hack by Starry Kitchen Video Apr 09, 2014
Oreos Hacked: Chefs Roy Choi, Michael Voltaggio Create Disgustingly Delicious Dishes with Cookie Video Apr 09, 2014
HBO Illustrates Each 'Game Of Thrones' Death In Online Art Gallery Interactive (image) Mar 18, 2014
The Muppets Are Live Tweeting the Sferndy Boom (Super Bowl, in Swedish Chef-Speak) Video Jan 31, 2014
Hate 'Game of Thrones' King Joffrey? Roast Him Online Now. Interactive (video) Dec 11, 2013