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Nike Football: My Time is Now Video May 18, 2012

Creative Director

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KPN's moving recreation of a boy's World War II story on social media grabs Entertainment Lions Grand Prix at Cannes Interactive (video) Jun 20, 2018
HSBC Tells a Multi-Generational Tale for LGBTQ Pride Video Jul 07, 2017
American Express: A Doggie Shopping Spree with Tina Fey Video Mar 01, 2016
American Express: Tina Fey Living The Dream At The Supermarket Video Mar 01, 2016
Tina Fey Brings Her Wit to Workouts in Latest Amex Spot Video Mar 01, 2016
Huggies Helps Couples Make Babies This Valentine's Day With Pandora Tie-Up Interactive (image) Feb 12, 2015

Media Agency

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CNN, Volvo race the sun in historic cultural moment Video Jun 11, 2018
'Pride and Prejudice' Meets Baked Goods in Warburtons' Epic Period Piece Video Oct 05, 2017
Marks & Spencer's Back-to-School Ad May Make Your Heart Melt a Little Bit Video Aug 17, 2017
Annie's Foods Come Alive in Brand's Whimsical Broadcast Debut Video Aug 04, 2017
Marks & Spencer Applies Its 'Spend it Well' Tagline to Food in a Sumptuous Spot Video May 11, 2017
Marks & Spencer Advocates Mindful Living and Comfy Knickers in First Work From Grey Video May 03, 2017
Argos Is the Latest Advertiser to Reference the John Lewis Christmas Ad Video Nov 14, 2016
Colorful, Ice-Skating Yetis Capture the Holiday Mood in Christmas Spot From Argos Video Nov 04, 2016
Haagen-Dazs Turns the Camera on Wimbledon Fans Print (Slideshow) Jul 06, 2016 Loves Football With Thierry Henry Interactive (video) Jul 05, 2016
Volvo Pays Tribute to Zlatan Ibrahamovic in a Moving Farewell Video Jun 27, 2016
Sound Makes a Powerful Statement in This U.K. Newspaper Ad Video Apr 27, 2016
'The Muppet Show' Has an Epic Revival to Promote Warburtons' Giant English Muffin Video Nov 16, 2015
Marmite: Summer of Love not Hate (Slideshow) Print (Slideshow) Jul 27, 2015
'Summer of Love' Inspires Marmite's Groovy Limited Edition Jar Video Jul 27, 2015
This Epic Business Story Plays Out Over 40 Years -- in an Elevator Video Jun 10, 2015
Persil's Tiny Dioramas Show How the Outdoors Educates Kids Print (Slideshow) Jun 02, 2015
Gleaming Volvos and Swedish DJ Avicii Star in This Glossy Music Video Video May 11, 2015
Stallone's Latest Action Hero Role: Bread Delivery Guy Video Apr 13, 2015
Volvo Debuts Longest TV Ad in Swedish History Video Jan 19, 2015
Awkward! You'll Definitely Relate to This Funny Ad About an Oversharing Holiday Party Guest Video Dec 01, 2014
Guess Which Retailer Is Behind This Vibrant, Eye-Popping Ad (Hint: It's Not Target) Video Oct 14, 2014
This Disgruntled Lizard Is a British Bank's New Mascot Video Sep 22, 2014
Ahlens: Shot it, got it! Interactive (video) Sep 10, 2014
Kermit Encourages Us To 'Be More Tea' In Lipton's Oscars Ad Video Feb 26, 2014
HSBC Creates a Minting Carnival for HK Rugby Fans Video Mar 21, 2013
Yorkie: Shopping Bags Video Jun 06, 2012
HSBC: Serious Play Video Mar 19, 2012
Range Rover Sport: Positively Charged Video Feb 07, 2012
Special Olympics: Encourage Omar Interactive (image) Nov 04, 2010
Nike: Write the Headline Interactive (video) Jun 25, 2010

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A Boy Realizes More Than His Kung Fu Dreams in Poignant HSBC Campaign Video Mar 09, 2016

Media Company

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Marmite Creates a 'Gene Test' to Prove If You're Born Loving or Hating It Video Sep 07, 2017
Warburtons: Celebration Video Mar 04, 2011
LG: The Young and the Connected Video Jul 13, 2010

Media Planning & Buying

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Haribo's latest 'Kids' Voices' ad gets an extra twist Video Apr 09, 2018

Media Planning and Buying

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Farewell Stephen Hawking, Brilliant Physicist and Unlikely Pitchman Video Mar 09, 2016
There's a Beer for That (Not an App, a Beer) Video Oct 30, 2014

U.S. and Canada Media Agency

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A Dad With a Sleeping Baby Shows How 'The Hive' Can Make Your Life Easier Video Jun 26, 2017