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When You Win Money for Life, You Want to Stay Alive Video Aug 30, 2013


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Burger King Reunites 'Napoleon Dynamite' Stars in Ad for Cheesy Tots Video Nov 30, 2016

Audio Company

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Macy's Bets on Power of Santa Belief This Holiday Video Nov 14, 2016

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Ragu: Roll Call Video Oct 04, 2012
Ragu: Sharing Video Oct 04, 2012
Ragu: Shoes Video Oct 04, 2012

Audio Post Facility

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Empire Relief Fund: My New York Video Dec 07, 2012
Empire Relief Fund: Heart Video Dec 05, 2012
Empire Relief Fund: Rebuild Video Dec 05, 2012
Empire Relief Fund: Act Video Dec 05, 2012


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This Organ Donation Spot Celebrates 'Mom and Dad Bods' Video Oct 24, 2016
REI: Make Home in Yosemite Valley Video Jul 11, 2016
Glenfiddich: Journey into the Mind of the Malt Master Interactive (video) Jun 13, 2016

Sound Design

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Don't Let Applegate's Dodgy Cow Man Distract You With His Pecs Video May 04, 2015
Applegate: Green Leaf Video May 04, 2015