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Title Medium Date
Current Racial Tensions Intensify Message of Unity in Hyatt's Latest Ad Video Aug 16, 2017
A Daughter Gets Her First Tattoo in American Greetings' Poignant Mother's Day Spot Video May 03, 2017
JetBlue: JetBlue Card -- Card With a Crew Video May 12, 2016
JetBlue's Smart Billboard Tells You How Much Time It Will Take You to Get to Paradise Interactive (video) May 12, 2016
Moms and Crying Babies Are the Heroes of JetBlue's Heartwarming Mother's Day Stunt Video May 02, 2016
Can a Food's Flavor Help You Find Love? Video Apr 25, 2016
Acura: Baudette - Precision Winter Performance Video Apr 06, 2016
Fake Cabbie's Passengers Freak Out in This Road Safety PSA -- But Not at Everything Video Apr 04, 2016
Zappos Petitions to Make Leap Year a Holiday for Everyone Video Feb 24, 2016
JetBlue Passengers Find More Common Ground Than Presidential Candidates in Election-Themed Stunt Video Feb 22, 2016
David Lee Roth's Squeals Highlight the Curves of the Acura NSX in Brand's Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 29, 2016
Zappos Rewards an Entire Town in Latest Feel-Good Stunt Video Dec 03, 2015
Best of 2015 No. 5 Print/OOH/Design: Wanderlust Alert! Royal Caribbean Periscope Billboards Project Live Adventures From the Seas Interactive (video) Nov 18, 2015
Rob Gronkowski Really Wants to Fly a JetBlue Plane, And He Has His Reasons Video Nov 12, 2015
JetBlue's Short Film About How Busy We Are Will Make You Laugh -- and Cry Video Oct 26, 2015
Eerie, Lifelike Dummies Drive Home Point About Acura's Safety Video Oct 15, 2015
JetBlue's Pigeon Gets Wistful About Flying in Latest Spot Video Oct 01, 2015
Zappos Punks the Google Photos Food Truck Video Oct 01, 2015
JetBlue Encourages New Yorkers to Steal in Latest Fun Stunt Print (video) Sep 30, 2015
Zappos Takes Over One Dad's List of Chores for Father's Day Video Jun 22, 2015
Surprisingly 'Smart' JetBlue Billboard Asks Questions Tailored to You Interactive (video) Jun 10, 2015