Nick Kaplan


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Bai's Ridiculous Super Bowl Ad Starring an Unlikely Horse Whisperer Isn't Supposed to Make Sense Video Feb 07, 2016


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Dead Mouse Theater: Leprechaun Video Oct 08, 2014
Dead Mouse Theater: Fitzy Gibbons Video Oct 08, 2014
Dead Mice Become Stage Actors in Surreal Ads for Mouse Poison Video Oct 07, 2014


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In Lacrosse, 'Flow' Refers to a Hairstyle Interactive (image) May 03, 2013


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Heineken's Latest Social Experiment Gives Six Unsuspecting Souls the Evening of Their Lives Video Apr 02, 2014
ESPN: Swedish Chef Video Jan 21, 2013
ESPN: Nascar 2012 Brad Keselowski Video Aug 16, 2012
Axe: Clean Your Balls Video Jun 28, 2010


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Southern Comfort's Newest Ad Features a Karate Master With the Smoothest Moves Ever Video Aug 19, 2013
The Most Comfortable, SoCo-Fueled Shampoo Ever Video Jun 10, 2013
Southern Comfort: Whatever's Comfortable Print Print (Slideshow) Jun 10, 2013

Creative Director

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You Play the Killer in Tomcat's Halloween Facebook (Not) Live Experience Video Oct 27, 2016
T-Mobile: Data Billionaire Video Apr 11, 2016
Bai: El Guapo Video Sep 28, 2015
Bai: Marriage Video Sep 28, 2015
Nothing Makes Sense in These Zany Spots for Bai Video Sep 28, 2015

Creative Director/Copywriter

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Nature's Care: Wet Video Mar 23, 2015
Nature's Care: Vegetables Video Mar 23, 2015
Dirt Shines in This Funny Campaign for Nature's Care Video Mar 23, 2015


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ESPN: Big Hands Video Jan 15, 2013
ESPN: Birds Video Jan 15, 2013
ESPN: Fantasy Football Commissioner Kit Interactive (image) Aug 24, 2012
Southern Comfort: Whatever's Comfortable Video Aug 01, 2012
ESPN: Nothing Beats First Place -- Carl Edwards Video Jul 30, 2012
ESPN Fantasy Baseball: Clowns Video Mar 21, 2012
ESPN Fantasy Baseball: Sensei Video Mar 21, 2012
ESPN Fantasy Baseball: Lucha Libre Video Mar 21, 2012


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Southern Comfort: Comfortable Weather Guy Interactive (video) Jan 16, 2013