Nick Kelly


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A Skydiver Gets a Heart-Stopping Mid-Air Challenge From NatWest Video Oct 19, 2015


Title Medium Date
Tetley: Leaving Video May 10, 2012
Melbourne International Film Festival: The Potato Peelers Video Jun 24, 2011
White Pages: Curry Universe Video Jul 19, 2010
White Pages: Piano Man Video Jul 19, 2010
White Pages: Jacuzzi Video Jul 19, 2010


Title Medium Date
Farmers Serenade their Tomatoes in Spot for Sabra's Salsa Video Jun 25, 2014
Builders Turn Feminist In Latest Snickers Ad From Down Under Video Mar 26, 2014

Senior Copywriter

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Libra: Boot Camp Video Sep 24, 2012

Senior Director of Experimental Marketing Sports

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Chris Pratt Works Out and Likes Beer in Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 31, 2018