Nicolas Lautier


Title Medium Date
Coke Introduces 'The Sharing Can,' with Two Sodas in One Package Print (video) May 29, 2013

Art Director

Title Medium Date
Diet Coke's Vending Machine Goes on a Diet Print (video) May 02, 2013
Perrier: The Drop Video Jun 04, 2012


Title Medium Date
Wrangler: Humans Video Jul 16, 2008
Orangina: Naturally Juicy Video Nov 16, 2007
Diesel: T-Shirt Video Aug 31, 2007
Diesel: Painting Video Aug 31, 2007
Diesel: Disappearance Video Aug 31, 2007

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Why Citroen's Twitter and Facebook Posts This Week Are Carved Out of Wood Print (video) Aug 22, 2017