Film Production

Title Medium Date
Adidas: Mega Diner Interactive (image) Aug 02, 2010


Title Medium Date
Pandora: Sounds Like You Video May 15, 2017
Just Where Is This Epic Sci-Fi Trailer Leading? Video Jul 01, 2015
Fidelity Investments: Saving Stories Video Oct 08, 2012
LICRA: New Weapon Video Oct 19, 2011
John Lewis: Christmas Video Nov 15, 2010

Production Company

Title Medium Date
After its chicken crisis, KFC makes its U.K. 'comeback' with a heroic Colonel Sanders Video May 25, 2018
Maya Rudolph leads a choir in praise of natural ingredients Video Apr 20, 2018
The John Lewis Christmas Ad Is Here Video Nov 10, 2017
Michel Gondry Shoots a Magical Film for Apple on the iPhone 7 Plus Video Jun 30, 2017
Michel Gondry Brings a Touch of Magic to Delivery Networks in FedEx's Latest Ad Video Mar 29, 2017
Road Safety Ireland's Chilling Spot Shows How 'Looking Back' Can Devastate Lives Video Sep 15, 2015
This Chilling Road Safety Spot Shows How a Split Second Can Change Your Life Video Sep 15, 2015
Corona: Dear Summer 30 Video May 29, 2015
Winter Recites an Ode to Summer in Corona's Delightful Ads Video May 29, 2015
Bupa: BUPA. The Story of The Tooth Interactive (video) Oct 29, 2014
Watch Appliances Dance and Whirl Like Chorus Girls in This Dazzling Retail Ad Video Oct 20, 2014
Citroen: The Sleeper Supporter Video May 21, 2014
Christopher Lee Voices Moving Age U.K. Spot About Getting Older Video Mar 17, 2014
Watch U.K. Mobile Provider Three Follow Up Last Year's 'Pony' Spot with Sing it Kitty Video Feb 21, 2014
Not Your Usual Casino Customer Video Sep 23, 2013
It's OK To Be Stingy, Says Carphone Warehouse Video Sep 18, 2013
Warby Parker is For Stylish Literary Nerds in New Spot out of Partners & Spade Video Aug 13, 2013
Eye-Rolls Get Serious in New Duck Sauce Video for 'It's You' Video Jun 28, 2013
'Katy Perry and the Popcats' Fight Fried Chips in New Popchips Film Video Jun 12, 2013
Zombies Can Be Helpful, Too Video Jun 03, 2013
HSBC: Lemon Grove Video Mar 04, 2013
Cadbury: Taste Video Feb 14, 2013
Cravendale: Catnapped Video Sep 10, 2012
Justice: New Lands Video Jul 11, 2012
Rufus Wainwright: Out of the Game Video Apr 04, 2012
Opening Ceremony: A Bout de Souffle Video Apr 04, 2012
Opening Ceremony: Je Veux Un Enfant Video Apr 04, 2012
Opening Ceremony: Le Mempris Video Apr 04, 2012
Tenacious D: To Be The Best Video Mar 27, 2012
Honda: Off the Grid Interactive (image) Dec 19, 2011
Bjork: Crystalline Video Jul 26, 2011
Dreams: Good Morning Video Jun 22, 2011
Dreams: Goodnight Video Apr 13, 2011
Altoids: Curiously Strong Award Video Mar 25, 2011
LivingSocial: Dinner Video Feb 25, 2011
LivingSocial: Bed Video Feb 25, 2011
The Klaxons: Twin Flames Video Nov 23, 2010
Doritos: Late Night 360 Degree Video Interactive (image) Oct 19, 2010
Virgin Atlantic: Your Airline's Got It Video Oct 01, 2010
Absolut: Lemon Drop Video Sep 08, 2010
Mark Ronson: The Bike Song Video Aug 31, 2010
Orange: Gulliver's Travels Video Aug 30, 2010
Heal The Bay: The Majestic Plastic Bag Video Aug 17, 2010
Wrigley's: Juicy Fruit Sweet Talk App Interactive (image) Aug 10, 2010
Adidas Originals: Star Wars Cantina Video Jun 04, 2010
Kia: This or That Video May 27, 2010
Puma: Chabal Bear Video Feb 12, 2010
Peugeot: Alchemy Video Jan 20, 2010
Muscle Milk: Sexy Pilgrim Video Nov 25, 2009
Orbit: CleanItUp Video Nov 18, 2009
Argos: Together Video Oct 28, 2009
Sony PS3: Playface Video Aug 26, 2009
The Fray: Heartless Video Aug 13, 2009
T-Mobile: Dance Video Jan 16, 2009
T-Mobile: Cow Video Jul 16, 2008
Visa: Running Man Video Mar 26, 2008
Hercules & Love Affair: Blind Video Feb 06, 2008

Production Company

Title Medium Date
Baldwin&: The Thanksgiver Interactive (video) Nov 20, 2012
Cravendale: Catnapped Video Sep 10, 2012
Bacardi: The Rum of the Bat Video Mar 14, 2012
Bacardi: The First Cuba Libre! Video Mar 14, 2012
Bacardi: The First Cuba Libre! Video Mar 14, 2012
Bacardi: The Prohibition Parties Video Mar 14, 2012
Bacardi: The Rum of the Bat Video Mar 14, 2012
T-Mobile: What Britain Loves Video Feb 08, 2012
NFL: Wind Beneath My Wings Video Jan 23, 2012

Production Company

Title Medium Date
A Spectacular Kitchen Commotion Signals a New Era For Canal+ Video Nov 30, 2016

Production House

Title Medium Date
Natural Resources Defense Council: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Strawberry Video Apr 21, 2016
'Flashdance' Fans Will Love This Super Sexy Cleaning Ad Video Jan 06, 2016
Adidas Originals: Star Wars Collection Video Jan 15, 2010

TV Production Company

Title Medium Date
SIRE: Marked for Life Video Apr 28, 2011