Passion Paris

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Le Gaite Lyrique: Launch Film Video Mar 22, 2010

Production Company

Title Medium Date
Dalmations Check Each Other out for a Very Important Reason Video Apr 07, 2015
Life Goes From Drab to Dazzling in Stylish Ray-Ban Spot Video Mar 12, 2015
Oasis Tea: Oasis The Video Apr 20, 2010

Production company

Title Medium Date
A Kid's Wacky Drawing Stumps Santa in This Charming Holiday Ad Video Nov 16, 2017

Production House

Title Medium Date
BN Biscuits: Zero Hydrogenated Fats Video Feb 16, 2010
BN Biscuits: Crunchy Video Feb 16, 2010
BN Biscuits: 16 Biscuits Video Feb 16, 2010
BN Biscuits: Whole Grains Video Feb 16, 2010