Rani Vaz

Director of Music and Radio Production

Title Medium Date
Lowe's Uses Facebook 360 to Show You How to Build a Teepee Interactive (image) Jul 29, 2016
GE: Journey Video Nov 27, 2012

Director of Music Production

Title Medium Date
Macy's: The Holiday Lights Video Nov 30, 2017
Macy's: The Wrong Size Gift Video Nov 30, 2017
'Wrong' Gifts are Perfect Gifts in Macy's Latest Holiday Ads Video Nov 30, 2017
Macy's Tugs at the Heartstrings While Laying Low in Holiday Ad From BBDO Video Nov 13, 2017
It's 'Raining Octopuses' in GE's New Ad Video May 11, 2016

Director of Music Production

Title Medium Date
GE Capital: Columbia Forest Products Video May 12, 2014
GE Capital: Composites Horizons Video May 12, 2014

Executive Music Producer

Title Medium Date
Bacardi Moves From Heritage to a House Party Road Trip Video Oct 12, 2015
Visa Pits Peace-Loving Nobel Laureates Against Each Other in World Cup Spot Video Jun 12, 2014
Bay Area Shakespeare Camp: CPR Video Feb 07, 2013

Head of Music Production

Title Medium Date
An Inventive Little Girl Grows Up to Be a GE Scientist in This Charming Spot Video Sep 12, 2017
This Pedigree Tribute to Guide Dogs Gives Dramatic Insight Into Blindness Video Oct 10, 2016
Dogs Can Even Cure Society's Ills, According to Dramatic Ad From Pedigree Video May 29, 2015
A Kid Can Only Communicate by Beeping in Emotive GE Film Video Sep 03, 2014
GE Wants to Protect This Freaky, Adorable Creature Video Aug 29, 2014
GE Asks What Would Happen If Light Could Seek Dark in Inspiring New Ad Video Jul 16, 2014
General Electric Uses a Kid to Explain its Business to You Video Feb 06, 2014
Really Heavy Metal: GE to Host Robot Band Concert in NYC Video Nov 07, 2013

Music Producer

Title Medium Date
CVS Takes a Deep Breath -- and Quits Selling Cigarettes Video Sep 03, 2014

Music Producer

Title Medium Date
A Simple Present Lights Up a Girl and Boy's Christmas in Macy's Emotional Holiday Tale Video Nov 14, 2017
A Refugee's Story Makes Olympic Glory More Poignant in Visa's Opening Ceremony Spot Video Aug 05, 2016
Watch This Insane Faux Infomercial Starring Jeff Goldblum (Then Buy a $15 Light Bulb) Video Sep 30, 2014

Music Production

Title Medium Date
General Electric: Clouds Video Mar 06, 2008
Pizza Hut: Step Away Video Feb 01, 2004

SVP Director of Music

Title Medium Date
Pepsi: PepsiMoji Backpackers Video May 03, 2016
Pepsi: PepsiMoji Concert Connection Video May 03, 2016