Russell Fell

Flame Artist

Title Medium Date
Vizio: Slam Dunk Poetry by Blake Griffin Video Sep 15, 2014

Inferno Artist

Title Medium Date
Gap: Jeans Take Shape Video Jul 28, 2006

Lead Artist

Title Medium Date
Martini & Rossi: Balloons Video Nov 18, 2010

VFX Artist

Title Medium Date
Cadillac: Roll Video Nov 10, 2006
Cadillac: Trickle Video Sep 14, 2006
Cadillac: Heart Video Sep 14, 2006
Cadillac: Crest Video Sep 14, 2006
NFL: Road to Super Bowl Forty Video Sep 08, 2005

VFX Supervisor

Title Medium Date
Jack in the Box: Rooster Video Nov 02, 2015

Visual Effects Supervisor

Title Medium Date
California Tobacco Control Section: Growth Video May 17, 2004