Russell Ramsey

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Nestle Kit Kat: Pause Print (image) Apr 16, 2008
Audi: Satellite Video Oct 10, 2006
Audi: Fox Video May 02, 2006
Smirnoff Ice: Garden Video May 11, 2005
Audi: Illusions Video Jul 09, 2004


Title Medium Date
Live Life Then Give Life: Let Love Live On Video Feb 14, 2013
Kit Kat: Break From Gravity Video Oct 15, 2012
Yorkie: Shopping Bags Video Jun 06, 2012
Aspire: Stories Interactive (video) May 21, 2012
The National Centre for Domestic Violence: Get Involved Interactive (video) May 04, 2012

Executive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Exhausted Moms in '10th Month' of Pregnancy Star in This Powerful Campaign Video May 12, 2016
Bepanthen: 10th Month slideshow Print (Slideshow) May 12, 2016
This Amazing Listerine App Lets Blind People 'Feel' a Smile Interactive (video) Sep 01, 2015

Executive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
A Shape-Shifting Gunk Monster Chases a Car in This VFX Spectacular for Shell Video Apr 21, 2015
Jonathan Glazer Turns Wildlife Director With This Peaceful Canon Spot Video Dec 03, 2014
Oxo: the Magic Cube Video Mar 01, 2013
Anti-Slavery International: Facebook Friend Interactive (video) Nov 22, 2011
MCAC: Rhian Touches Herself Video Sep 19, 2011

Executive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Making Pasta Becomes Art in This Animated Oxo Spot Video Oct 07, 2014
Hovis Finds A Way To Celebrate Easter Print (image) Mar 26, 2013
Custard, The Stuff that Binds Families Together Video Mar 15, 2013
Campaign Against Drinking and Driving: Present Print (image) Dec 13, 2011
Pear Drop: Turn the Air Pear - Date Video Aug 19, 2011
Pear Drop: Turn the Air Pear - Barrel Video Aug 19, 2011
Benadryl: Sunflower Print (image) May 05, 2011
Benadryl: Green Man Print (image) May 05, 2011
Benadryl: Cat Print (image) May 05, 2011
Debenhams: Mother's Day Video Mar 29, 2011
Special Olympics: Encourage Omar Interactive (image) Nov 04, 2010
HSBC: Integrity Video Aug 27, 2009
HSBC: Brand Values Video Aug 27, 2009
Benadryl: War Video May 28, 2009
Aero: Bubbles Video Mar 02, 2009
Rimmel: Quick Dry Nail Polish Print (image) Jan 29, 2009
HSBC: Wimbledon Grass Art Print (image) Jul 03, 2008