Russell Ramsey

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Nestle Kit Kat: Pause Print (image) Apr 16, 2008
Audi: Satellite Video Oct 10, 2006
Audi: Fox Video May 02, 2006
Smirnoff Ice: Garden Video May 11, 2005
Audi: Illusions Video Jul 09, 2004


Title Medium Date
Live Life Then Give Life: Let Love Live On Video Feb 14, 2013
Kit Kat: Break From Gravity Video Oct 15, 2012
Yorkie: Shopping Bags Video Jun 06, 2012
Aspire: Stories Interactive (video) May 21, 2012
The National Centre for Domestic Violence: Get Involved Interactive (video) May 04, 2012

Executive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
A Shape-Shifting Gunk Monster Chases a Car in This VFX Spectacular for Shell Video Apr 21, 2015
Jonathan Glazer Turns Wildlife Director With This Peaceful Canon Spot Video Dec 03, 2014
Oxo: the Magic Cube Video Mar 01, 2013
Anti-Slavery International: Facebook Friend Interactive (video) Nov 22, 2011
MCAC: Rhian Touches Herself Video Sep 19, 2011

Executive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Making Pasta Becomes Art in This Animated Oxo Spot Video Oct 07, 2014
Hovis Finds A Way To Celebrate Easter Print (image) Mar 26, 2013
Custard, The Stuff that Binds Families Together Video Mar 15, 2013
Campaign Against Drinking and Driving: Present Print (image) Dec 13, 2011
Pear Drop: Turn the Air Pear - Barrel Video Aug 19, 2011
Pear Drop: Turn the Air Pear - Date Video Aug 19, 2011
Benadryl: Sunflower Print (image) May 05, 2011
Benadryl: Green Man Print (image) May 05, 2011
Benadryl: Cat Print (image) May 05, 2011
Debenhams: Mother's Day Video Mar 29, 2011
Special Olympics: Encourage Omar Interactive (image) Nov 04, 2010
HSBC: Brand Values Video Aug 27, 2009
HSBC: Integrity Video Aug 27, 2009
Benadryl: War Video May 28, 2009
Aero: Bubbles Video Mar 02, 2009
Rimmel: Quick Dry Nail Polish Print (image) Jan 29, 2009
HSBC: Wimbledon Grass Art Print (image) Jul 03, 2008

Executive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Bepanthen: 10th Month slideshow Print (Slideshow) May 12, 2016
Exhausted Moms in '10th Month' of Pregnancy Star in This Powerful Campaign Video May 12, 2016
This Amazing Listerine App Lets Blind People 'Feel' a Smile Interactive (video) Sep 01, 2015