Sam Shaffer

Audio Mix & Sound Design

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Revere Targets Millennials With a Steamy, Other-Worldly Take on Making Dinner Video Oct 24, 2017


Title Medium Date
What Could Be Scarier Than Your Kid's Favorite Toy Not Working? Duracell Knows Video Oct 27, 2017
David Ortiz Finds a Post-Retirement Career in JetBlue's Farewell Spot Video Jun 07, 2016
Johnsonville: Behind the Scenes Video May 25, 2016
Johnsonville: Official Trailer Video May 25, 2016
Johnsonville: Car Speed Chase Video May 25, 2016
Johnsonville: Responsibilities Video May 25, 2016
Johnsonville Let Its Employees Come Up With Ads, and the Results Are Hilarious Video May 25, 2016

Music/Sound Design

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Bill Hader Finds a New Way to Eat Pringles in the Brand's Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 25, 2018

Sound Design

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Johnsonville goes All-American with its latest staffer-created ads Video May 14, 2018

Sound Design & Mix

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Spotify: Love What You Love - Chase Love Video May 15, 2018
Spotify targets free users with scares and laughs in biggest global campaign to date Video May 15, 2018

Sound Design/Mix

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Black Forest just made a hilarious, suggestive ad for....gummies? Video Apr 26, 2018

Sound Design/Mixer

Title Medium Date
Who's the Man Playing Marilyn in Snickers' Super Bowl 50 Teaser? Video Jan 26, 2016

Sound Designer

Title Medium Date
Old Spice: Coach Talk Video Sep 06, 2017
Old Spice: Alpha Dawg Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Tragic Hair Video Jul 07, 2017
Moms Are Unimpressed With Marketing Gimmicks in Old Spice's Latest Campaign Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Shush Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Changes Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Invisible Boy Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Rocket Car Video Jan 07, 2016
Move Over Mustafa: Old Spice Introduces 'Legendary Man' Video Jan 07, 2016

Sound Designer / Mixer

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ESPN Reacts to Cubs' World Series Win With a Witty SportsCenter Spot Video Nov 03, 2016

Sound Mixer

Title Medium Date
Teaching Is Exciting! Ad Council Fights National Teacher Shortage Video Aug 29, 2017
Ad Council: Camping Video Aug 29, 2017