Sara Jagielski

Business Afairs

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You'll Really Feel for the Business Traveler in Delta's Spot Video Mar 03, 2015
Steph Curry Meets Chicken Curry: ESPN Has a Culinary Moment Video Jan 09, 2015

Business Affairs

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What Exactly Is This New Jordan Ad Saying? Video Aug 26, 2016
Bud Light Tackles Another Hot-Button Issue: Transgender Rights Video Aug 15, 2016
Bud Light's Latest Spot Tackles Gender Pay Equality Video Jun 27, 2016
Can You Guess Who's Behind This Adorable Father's Day Ad? Video Jun 16, 2016
Bud Light: Rainbow Billboard Print (image) Jun 01, 2016
Bud Light's Latest Ad Celebrates Gay Marriage -- With Backing From Ellen Video Jun 01, 2016
The 'Bud Light Party' Highlights Diversity in a Topical Oscars Spot Video Feb 29, 2016
Delta's Inspiring Grammys Spot Tells You to Go For It Video Feb 16, 2016
Explore Four Different Lipstick Styles in Clinique's Interactive Music Video Interactive (image) Feb 10, 2016
See Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer in Bud Light's Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 03, 2016
Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen Lotion Up and Wear Spanx for Bud Light's Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 22, 2016
Is This the Year's Best Ad? The Andy Awards Would Have You Think So Video Dec 16, 2015
A Sky-Diving Danny McBride Stars in Super Weird Music Video for Southern Comfort Video Nov 18, 2015
This Exhilarating Delta Spot Shows Nothing But a Runway Video Sep 23, 2015
Equinox Gets Audacious in Ads From W&K Video Jan 05, 2015
Equinox Made Me Do It 2015 (slideshow) Print (Slideshow) Jan 05, 2015
ESPN: X Games Human Twitter Interactive (video) Jul 29, 2011

Business Affairs Director

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Jordan CP3.VI: Cut Through L.A. Video Oct 05, 2012

Business Affairs Team

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Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant Joins a Secret Training Ritual in Jordan's Latest Ad Video Aug 09, 2016
Blake Griffin Takes on Marvin the Martian for Jordan, Sparking Rumors of Space Jam Sequel Video Aug 05, 2015
It's Not Applebees, It's ESPN Video Jul 13, 2015
ESPN: Roger, the Allergy Medicine Actor Video Jul 13, 2015
ESPN: Trevor, the Shampoo Commercial Actor Video Jul 13, 2015

Business Manager

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Russell Westbrook Shows Off His Moves in Jordan's Latest Spot Video Oct 31, 2016

Dir. Business Affairs

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Rad! Alf, Teddy Ruxpin & Kareem Abdul Jabbar Star in Delta's '80s In-flight Safety Video Video Jan 28, 2014

Director of Business Affairs

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ESPN: Team Spirit Video Aug 01, 2012
Southern Comfort: Whatever's Comfortable Video Aug 01, 2012
ESPN: The Name Video Apr 16, 2012
Target: Color Changes Everything Video Feb 13, 2012

Director of Integrated Business Affairs

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A 'Prodigal Brother' Returns in Virgin Atlantic and Delta's Darkly Comedic Holiday Ad Video Dec 11, 2017
CNN's 'Facts First' Brand Campaign Calls an Apple an Apple Video Oct 23, 2017
These Quirky Napkin Ads Reveal Some Funny Truths About Eating Habits Video Aug 03, 2017
Vanity Fair Napkins: Pot Video Aug 03, 2017
Vanity Fair Napkins: Noodles Video Aug 03, 2017
Vanity Fair Napkins: Wings Video Aug 03, 2017

Head of Business Affairs

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LeBron James Does Not Tell Fans to Drink Sprite in New Ads Video Oct 12, 2016