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Title Medium Date
Gay and Interracial Couples Among the 'Wholesome Families' in New Honey Maid Ad Video Mar 10, 2014
Hyundai: Talk to My Car Video Feb 27, 2012
Hyundai: Modern Life Video Feb 24, 2012
HBO: Imagine Launch Interactive (image) Sep 18, 2009
Puma: Lift - The Making of... Video Mar 26, 2009
Puma: Lift Video Mar 11, 2009
Google: Helps Video Oct 14, 2008

Music Company

Title Medium Date
Watch a Year in the Life of Bud Light's NFL Team Cans Video Sep 06, 2016

Music Company/Music Supervisors

Title Medium Date
Absolut: Dissection Video May 07, 2008

Music Producer

Title Medium Date
Nike: Find Your Greatness Video Jul 25, 2012

Music Production

Title Medium Date
RIF: Book People Unite Making Of Video Apr 18, 2012
RIF: Book People Unite Video Apr 18, 2012

Music Supervision

Title Medium Date
Vanessa Bayer Recreates Fifty Shades Elevator Lust in Hilarious Audi Short Video Feb 06, 2015

Music Supervisor

Title Medium Date
Google Chrome: Dear Sophie Video May 04, 2011