Simon Duggan


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Gisele Is the Modern Chanel Woman in Baz Luhrmann's Latest No. 5 Epic Video Oct 15, 2014

Director of Photgraphy

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Vaseline Sheer Infusion: Amazing Moisture Video Oct 08, 2009

Director of Photography

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A Santa Balloon Captures the Heart of a Little Boy Over a Lifetime in Macy's Holiday Ad Video Nov 01, 2016
Tom Brady Gets an Unusual Hotel Room in Simmons' Mattress Spot Video May 09, 2016
Saatchi: New Director's Showcase 25x25 Video Jun 26, 2015
Disney Consumer Products: Disney Playmation Video Jun 18, 2015
Dodge: Durango - Drive By Video Jun 09, 2015
Dodge: Dart - First Dodge 30s Video Jun 09, 2015
Dodge Takes the Dodge Brothers Back to Boyhood in Stylish, Jazz-Era Spots Video Jun 09, 2015
Dodge: Charger - Morse Code Video Jun 09, 2015
Dodge: Challenger and Charger Video Jun 09, 2015
Reebok: Free Range T-Shirts Print (Slideshow) Jan 12, 2015
Reebok's New Spokes-Athlete Is . . . a Chicken Video Jan 12, 2015
Life Is Hard, but Your Taxes Don't Have to Be, Says Turbotax's Brand Campaign Video Jan 06, 2015
Dodge: Ahead of Their Time Video Nov 10, 2014
Fight for Peace Becomes Poetic in New Ad for Sony PS4 'Killzone: Shadow Fall' Video Nov 04, 2013
GE Outwits Star Trek's Sulu in New 'Brilliant Enterprise' Spot Video Oct 07, 2013
DirecTV: Hot House Video May 18, 2011
Volkswagen: 6/10ths Video May 09, 2011
Volkswagen: Pinata Video May 09, 2011
Jordan Brand: Gadgets Video Feb 14, 2011
Boag's Draught: Russell Falls Video Feb 14, 2011
James Boag's: Glassblower Video Feb 14, 2011
Nike Jordan: Escape Video Dec 28, 2010
Jordan Brand: Dominate Another Day Video Oct 26, 2010
Halo Reach: Birth of a Spartan Video Apr 29, 2010
Lipton Yellow Label: Lalo Video Apr 28, 2010
Lion Nathan: Boag's Pure Video Nov 23, 2009

Director of Photography

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Christoph Waltz Is All Kinds of American in Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 Olympics Ad Video Aug 05, 2016


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Just How Does Fast Internet Save This Kid's Request for a Pony? Video Mar 03, 2016
Charter Spectrum: She Shed Video Mar 03, 2016
Charter Spectrum: Serious Business Video Mar 03, 2016
Charter Spectrum: Body Cast Video Mar 03, 2016
Monster: Pinocchio Video Feb 11, 2013


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Wheelchair Athletes Deliver Unexpected Performance in Touching Guinness Ad Video Sep 05, 2013


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Nissan Sentra: Gas Station Video Jul 30, 2014
Old Spice: Semi-Truck Video Jun 18, 2012