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Title Medium Date
After Rugs Revelation, Ikea Helps You Design Your Own 'Game of Thrones' Cape Interactive (image) Aug 14, 2017
Turn Your Ikea Rug Into a Doormat: Retailer Invents Creative Ways to Recycle Its Products Print (image) Jun 28, 2017
A Little Girl Attempts to Bring Back 'Hygge' Family Time in This Norwegian Chocolate Ad Video Jan 26, 2017
Freia: Wildlife Watching Video Jun 17, 2016
Statoil: Real Hot Dog Precision Video Jun 23, 2015
IKEA Norway: Christmas Video Nov 15, 2014
It's Hard Not to Fall in Love With This Ikea Family Interactive (image) Aug 19, 2014
Ikea Gets Fans to Create a Social Media Version of its Popular Catalog Interactive (image) Jan 06, 2014
Ikea Creates Platform for Customers to Sell Their Second-Hand Furniture -- No. 5 in Print & Design Interactive (image) Oct 28, 2013
A Baby So Cute You'd Miss The Big Game Video Oct 01, 2013
Can You Make it Through a Ride with Sebastian Vettel Without Screaming? Interactive (image) Sep 23, 2013
Ikea Lets You Choose Your Own Ad Medium Via a Banner Interactive (image) Apr 16, 2013
Diesel: The Pre Internet Shoe Interactive (image) Dec 03, 2012
Ikea: Textile Grants Interactive (image) Nov 09, 2012
Ikea: Moving The Store Print (image) Oct 16, 2012
Geox: Amphibiox Digital Experience Interactive (image) Oct 02, 2012
Sector Alarm: Someone's Home Video Jan 21, 2010
KIWI: Sundown Video Aug 25, 2009
KIWI: Two Night Stand Video Aug 25, 2009
KIWI: Elevator Video Aug 25, 2009
KIWI: Festival Video Aug 25, 2009
Fryst: Wedding Video Mar 10, 2009
Fryst: Fair Video Mar 10, 2009
KIWI: Crazy Train Video Oct 08, 2008
Tele2: Swat Video Aug 21, 2008
Tele2: Call Me Video Apr 28, 2008
Asko: Washing Machine Puppets Print (image) Sep 21, 2007