Sound Lounge

Audio Company

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Dogs Are the Antidote to a Divided Country in Heartwarming Experiment From Pedigree Video Nov 04, 2016

Audio House

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Would You Recognize Your Sister if She Were Homeless? Video Apr 23, 2014

Audio Mix

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BMW Takes You Home for the Holidays in Time-Traveling, Heartwarming Spots Video Nov 08, 2017
BMW: The Road Home - Mother and Son Video Nov 08, 2017
BMW: Wedding Video Oct 17, 2017
It's Really Awkward Having a Romantic Beachside Stroll With a BMW Lover Video Oct 17, 2017
BMW: Football Video Oct 17, 2017
How to Wake Up a Teen (Hint: Loud Noises Don't Work) According to Ad Council's Adoption PSA Video Sep 28, 2017
Visa Channels Amelia Earhart to Celebrate Olympic Debut of Women's Ski-Jumping Video Jan 13, 2014
FedEx: Enchanted Video Dec 02, 2011
HBO True Blood: Dig Deeper Interactive (video) May 24, 2011
Jameson: Fire Video Feb 24, 2011
Google: Demo Slam - 20 Ft. Search Interactive (video) Oct 20, 2010
Google: Demo Slam - Rushmore Interactive (video) Oct 20, 2010

Audio Post

Title Medium Date
Cards Say What People Can't in This Sweet American Greetings Spot Video Feb 06, 2018
A Woman Ages and Gets Younger in This Split-Screen Lifetime Spot Video Dec 12, 2017
FedEx: Conspiracy Bookstore Video Oct 23, 2017
The Corner Office Takes on a Whole New Meaning in Funny Work From Fedex Video Oct 23, 2017
Breakfast News Alert! Lucky Charms Has Made Boxes of Marshmallow-Only Cereal Video Oct 15, 2015
TBS: Conan Cliff Drive Video Oct 14, 2010
Special Olympics: Skeleton Video Feb 25, 2010

Audio Post Company

Title Medium Date
Sour Patch Kids: World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids) Video Oct 04, 2011
Planters: Doug Video Jun 23, 2011
DirecTV: Don't Just Watch TV Video Nov 01, 2010

Audio Post Production

Title Medium Date
Lincoln: Winning Hand Video Sep 10, 2015

Audio Producer

Title Medium Date
Monster's Latest Ad Puts a Giant Purple Twist on 'King Kong' Video Sep 06, 2017
Dos Equis New 'Most Interesting Man' Has a Female Co-Star Video Oct 25, 2016
Johnnie Walker Steps Into 2015 With Inspiring New Year's Ad Video Dec 16, 2014
Water is Life's Newest Commercial Features a Girl Who Literally Cannot Cry Video May 05, 2014

Final Audio Mix

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ESPN/NASCAR: Invincible Video Jul 06, 2010


Title Medium Date
George Clooney's First American Ad for Nespresso Sees Him 'Train' Danny DeVito Video Nov 02, 2015
Foot Locker: Tear Away Video Aug 16, 2012
HBO: True Blood Season 4 - Moonlight in a Jar Video May 30, 2012
HBO: True Blood Season 4 - Expert Advice Video May 30, 2012
PETA: Bear Video May 11, 2012
PETA: Chimp Video May 11, 2012
PETA: Giraffe Video May 11, 2012
PETA: Lion Video May 11, 2012
PETA: Combo Video May 11, 2012
PETA: Elephant Video May 11, 2012
FedEx: AAAAAA Auto Repair Video Sep 14, 2011
New Era: On the Lam Video Aug 29, 2011
HBO Go: Elevator Video May 09, 2011
HBO Go: Fan Video May 09, 2011
HBO Go: Tuxedo Video May 09, 2011
HBO Go: Pen Video May 09, 2011

Mix & Record Company

Title Medium Date
Watch an M&M Become Danny DeVito in Candy's Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 29, 2018
Remix 'Candyman' to Celebrate 75 Years of M&Ms Video Mar 02, 2016
Snickers: Crisper - Figure Drawing Video Jan 11, 2016
Does Hunger Ever Make You 'Dimpatient?' Snickers' Ads for Crisper Warn of Combined Symptoms Video Jan 11, 2016

Mix Company

Title Medium Date
Bud Light's 'Bud Knight' Gallops Into 'Dilly Dilly' Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 01, 2018
Duracell Shows How Very Bad Things Can Happen -- When a Toy Battery Fails Video Aug 07, 2017
Kogi Chef Roy Choi 'Purees Leprechaun' for St. Paddy's Day Burrito in New Google Glass Film Video Mar 14, 2014
Dick's Emotional Marketing Takes a Turn for the Real with 'Sports Matter' Video Mar 05, 2014
Dick's Sporting Goods: LAX Video Mar 05, 2014


Title Medium Date
The Weather Channel: Your Interactive (video) May 02, 2012
TBS: Any Device on Conan Video Sep 15, 2011


Title Medium Date
The Electric Furs Are a 'Hair Band' Cat Lovers Will Fall For Video Aug 08, 2016

Music Company

Title Medium Date
Canon's Rube Goldberg-Style Ad Demonstrates the Importance of the Right Camera Video Aug 08, 2017

Post Mix

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Father and son go into battle in PlayStation's epic spot for 'God of War' Video Mar 21, 2018

Recording Studio

Title Medium Date
Liberty Mutual: Anthem 3 Video Mar 23, 2011

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
Stella Artois: Ice Lounge Video Nov 29, 2010
Michelin: The Hungry Road Video Jul 23, 2010
TruTV: Punxsutawney Polamalu Video Feb 01, 2010
Captain Morgan: 40 Pack Video Aug 31, 2009

Sound Design Company

Title Medium Date
LivingSocial: Dinner Video Feb 25, 2011
LivingSocial: Bed Video Feb 25, 2011

Sound Design/Arrangement

Title Medium Date
BMW: Wife Video Apr 24, 2012

Sound Director

Title Medium Date
This Campaign Is Encouraging Barbershops to Welcome Transgender People Interactive (video) Jun 21, 2017
Spotify Has Suggestive Fun With Cringeworthy Family Moments Video Apr 25, 2017
Droga5's First Clearasil Ad Reminds Teens That Acne, Like Mom's Nagging, Won't Last Forever Video Jul 13, 2015
Athenos: Pool Party Video May 11, 2012
eMusic: M83 Video Dec 20, 2011
eMusic: araabMUZIK Video Dec 20, 2011
Puma: Blam! Blam! Video Feb 22, 2011
Google: Brother/Sister Video Aug 03, 2010
Google: New Baby Video Aug 03, 2010
Absolut: Dissection Video May 07, 2008

Sound Mix

Title Medium Date
Athletes Explode in Latest for Dick's Sporting Goods Video Feb 21, 2014

Sound Mix Company

Title Medium Date
A Teacher-Pupil Affair Goes Hilariously Wrong in This Lifetime Movies Spot Video Sep 25, 2017

Sound Mixing

Title Medium Date
Macy's: The Holiday Lights Video Nov 30, 2017
Macy's: The Wrong Size Gift Video Nov 30, 2017
'Wrong' Gifts are Perfect Gifts in Macy's Latest Holiday Ads Video Nov 30, 2017

Sound Studio

Title Medium Date
Cadillac: CTS-V Video Feb 23, 2017
Cadillac: Pioneers Video Feb 23, 2017
Cadillac: Pedestal Video Feb 23, 2017
Prudential: Sunrise Video Jun 01, 2011
Method/Virgin America: We're All In This Together Video Apr 07, 2011