Steve Peck

Art Director

Title Medium Date
Google Chrome: Dear Sophie Video May 04, 2011
Google Chrome: It Gets Better Video May 04, 2011
Ally Bank: Interview Video Sep 27, 2010
Ally Bank: Studio Video Sep 27, 2010
Google Chrome: Speed Tests Video May 05, 2010
Google Chrome: Making of Speed Tests Video May 04, 2010
Google: Chrome Features Video Dec 15, 2009

Associate Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Google Chrome: Angry Birds Video Sep 26, 2011


Title Medium Date
Playstation Plus' New Advert is for Gamers Who Have Friends Video Feb 24, 2014

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Project Rock: Build the Belief: Dwayne Johnson Superzoom Video Mar 23, 2018
Seven Bucks Creative debuts its first campaign (and yes, Dwayne Johnson is in it) Video Mar 23, 2018

Creative Director/Designer

Title Medium Date
The Facebook Friend Audit: Audit My Friends Interactive (image) Sep 27, 2011