Steven Garcia

Associate Director, Planning

Title Medium Date
Is Christmas Canceled This Year? These Boys Fear Yes (PayPal Says No) Video Nov 06, 2015

Associate Strategic Planning Dir.

Title Medium Date
Kia's Super Bowl Effort Combines Puccini And The Matrix Video Jan 28, 2014

Associate Strategic Planning Director

Title Medium Date
Kia Motors America: Totally Transformed Video Feb 27, 2014
Morpheus Adjusts His 'Construct' TV Set in Kia's Super Bowl Teaser Video Jan 24, 2014
Kia's Hamsters Become Biggest Losers in New Ad to Debut During MTV VMA's Video Aug 23, 2013

Strategic Planner

Title Medium Date
Kia Soul: Bringing Down the House Video Aug 30, 2012
Kia: A Dream Car. For Real Life. -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Feb 02, 2012