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NZTA: Flying Objects Video May 22, 2012
Boost: Moreing Video May 22, 2012


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Seven-Year-Old Black Belt Is Breakout Star in Gender Equality Ad From ANZ Video Jul 30, 2015

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Heineken: This is the Game Video Aug 11, 2011


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Subaru Liberty: Drifter Video Sep 08, 2009

Editorial Company

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Boost: Gas Bill Video May 25, 2010
Weet Bix: Kid Video Aug 04, 2009
VB: The Regulars Video Jul 08, 2009
V Energy Drink: Bumblebeez -Misfit Video Jun 18, 2009
Australian Writers and Art Directors Association: The Importance of Awards in Advertising Video Jan 16, 2009
Yaris: Aircraft Video Oct 27, 2008
Yaris: Bobsled Video Oct 27, 2008
Cadbury Schweppes: Solo - Strong Video Oct 13, 2008
Hutchison 3: Have No Fear Video Jul 30, 2008
Intralot: Luck Factory Video Jul 10, 2008
Honda: Whoosh Video Jun 27, 2008
Pure Blonde: Utopia Video Oct 17, 2007
Roads & Traffic Authority: Pinkie Video Jun 26, 2007

Editorial House

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Those H&R Tax Folks Really Know How to Spot Them Video Jul 18, 2014
Virgin Mobile: Projection Video Aug 09, 2007


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Virgin Money: Flyer Credit Card Campaign Video Jul 27, 2010

Post Production

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This Funny Ad for Cheap Bread Might Just Creep You Out a Bit Video Sep 23, 2014
There Is No Cannibalism (Yet) in This Funny Ad for Cheap Olive Oil Video Sep 23, 2014
Sportsbet: Boobs Video Sep 19, 2011
Sportsbet: The Greatest Invention Since Betting Video Sep 19, 2011
TMB Bank: Panyee Video Mar 15, 2011
ANZ Bank (Australia): The Chase Video Aug 21, 2009
Thrifty: Birthday Girl Video Jun 04, 2008

Post Production

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Little Kids Discuss Their Sporting Ambitions in a Cute Aussie Spot Video Mar 27, 2015

Post Production Company

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Fat-Shaming? Period-Shaming? This Australian Sanitary Napkin Ad Has Been Divisive Video Aug 27, 2015
Make Music With Your Stripey Clothing Using Gap's Interactive Holiday Website Interactive (video) Nov 04, 2014