The Marketing Arm

Activation and Social Network Content

Title Medium Date
State Farm: Play Today, Illuminate Tomorrow Video Mar 05, 2012

Celebrity Talent and IP Rights Acquisition

Title Medium Date
Snickers Freaks Out Marilyn Monroe Oglers With Funny Digital Billboard Print (video) Jun 03, 2016

Celebrity Talent, Intellectual Property, Music Rights Acquisition

Title Medium Date
Danny Trejo Is Marcia, But Who's Jan? Video Jan 28, 2015

Music License

Title Medium Date
A Woman Ages Vibrantly Through Her Impulsive, Chocolate-Eating Life in This Dove Ad Video Aug 22, 2016

Talent Agency

Title Medium Date
Watch an M&M Become Danny DeVito in Candy's Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 29, 2018

Talent Management

Title Medium Date
Pizza Hut: Kristen Wiig (30 second version) Video Jul 24, 2017
Kristen Wiig Is a Pizza Hut-Eating Bro, Businesswoman and Male Cheerleader Video Jul 24, 2017