Digital Agency

Title Medium Date
Hermes: 8 Ties Interactive (video) Oct 04, 2012

Digital Production Company

Title Medium Date
Swisscom Creates a Giant Snowfield of Tweets to Show Fans' Support for Ski Racers Interactive (video) Mar 17, 2017
Samsung's Latest Tech Helps Parents Connect With Their Premature Babies Interactive (video) May 03, 2016
Is This an App I See Before Me? Samsung Brings Shakespeare to Smartphones Interactive (video) Jul 02, 2015
Stella Artois Gives You a Hawk's Eye View of Wimbledon With VR Experience Interactive (image) Jun 29, 2015

Production Company

Title Medium Date
Explore the Mystical World of 'The Magicians' in Syfy's Interactive Experience Interactive (image) Jan 26, 2017
Autotrader Matches a Car to Your Clothing Color in an Interactive Stunt Interactive (video) Jul 25, 2016
Samsung's Virtual Reality Bedtime Story Lets Far-Flung Parents Read to Their Kids Interactive (video) May 03, 2016
Driverless Classic Cars Roam London in Atmospheric Film for Fashion Site Mr. Porter Video Jan 28, 2016
Turn Your Phone Into a Lightsaber With Google Chrome's Interactive 'Star Wars' Game Interactive (video) Dec 17, 2015
Mini Does Film Noir in Virtual Reality Interactive (video) Sep 16, 2015
Dancing Paint and Water Visualize Sound in Mesmerizing Ad for Sony's Speakers Video Jul 02, 2015
A Woman Is Reshaped to 'Perfection' in Stunt for Water Brand Interactive (video) Apr 15, 2015
Put Your Own Face on A Bus Shelter Chocolate Ad Print (video) Aug 13, 2014
Assassin's Creed Asks Fans to Create Painting for Paris Museum Interactive (image) Jul 10, 2013
Use Your Smartphone to Practice Saving Lives Interactive (video) May 13, 2013
Captain Morgan: Captain's Conquest app Interactive (image) May 02, 2012
Domino's Pizza: Pizza Hero app Interactive (video) Nov 22, 2011

Production Company

Title Medium Date
Artists Transform a Derelict Detroit Theater in El Jimador's 'Immersive Art' Event Print (video) May 04, 2015
Worried About Zombie-Related Memory Loss? G-Shock Can Help Interactive (video) Nov 20, 2014
Relive MLK's 'I Have a Dream' with Immersive Site from National Park Foundation Interactive (image) Aug 27, 2013

Site Development and Production

Title Medium Date
JetBlue: Get Away With It Interactive (video) Jun 05, 2012