Universal Music


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In Argentina, It Pays to Move Like Lorde Video Nov 12, 2014

Licensed Music

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Coca-Cola: That's Gold - Gold Actions Video Jul 13, 2016
Coca-Cola's Joyous Olympics Campaign Captures the Feeling of Gold Video Jul 13, 2016


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Adidas Kicks Off the Next Soccer Season With an Artsy and Playful Star-Studded Film Video Aug 01, 2016

Music Label

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Canadian Football League: #TheGreyCupAd Video Dec 11, 2014


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Comviq: Ringback Tones Interactive (video) May 03, 2011

Publishing Record Label

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A Burly Builder Shows Off His Pole Dancing Moves in Latest Moneysupermarket Ad Video Jul 24, 2015

Record Label

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Mercury Phoenix Trust: Angry Birds Join Freddie for a Day Video Sep 04, 2012