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Title Medium Date
Audi's Holiday Ad Depicts the Parking Nightmare of Christmas Shopping Video Nov 22, 2017
Audi Throws Down the Gauntlet to Speed Demons Video Jul 20, 2017
Racehorse Legend 'Secretariat' Becomes a Metaphor for Audi's Cars Video May 31, 2017
A Giant Burrito Serves as a Confessional in Chipotle's Surreal Campaign Video Apr 10, 2017
A Mysterious Shopkeeper Guards Gamers' Wares in PlayStation Store Spot Video Oct 31, 2016
'Choose the Next Driver Wisely': See Audi's Action-Packed Debate Ad Video Sep 26, 2016
Reebok Reminds Us We Only Have 25,915 Days to Live Video May 02, 2016
PlayStation Vue Shows You How to Escape Evil Cable in a Thrilling Dystopian Manhunt Video Mar 15, 2016
How Driving an Audi Could Move You to Tears Video Feb 19, 2016
A Retired Astronaut Rediscovers His Spark in Audi's Super Bowl Commercial Video Feb 03, 2016
Need a Massage? This Spot Reminds You of the Many Reasons You Might Video Nov 20, 2015
This 76 Customer Took Gas Station Loyalty Just a Little Bit Further Video Nov 13, 2015
REI: OptOutside Anthem Film Video Oct 27, 2015
REI: OptOutside on Black Friday (2/2) Video Oct 27, 2015
REI: OptOutside on Black Friday (1/2) Video Oct 27, 2015
REI's #OptOutside Takes Titanium Grand Prix Video Oct 27, 2015
A New Neighbor Disrupts an An Eco-Friendly Street in Audi's Hybrid Spot Video Sep 21, 2015
A Gym Becomes a Haven for Transgender Community in Google Business Ad Video Jun 16, 2015
Go on an Instagram 'Virtual Run' With Reebok's 'Hunt for the Pump' Interactive (video) Apr 15, 2015
Vanessa Bayer Recreates Fifty Shades Elevator Lust in Hilarious Audi Short Video Feb 06, 2015
Reebok Shows Extreme Fitness Can Make You More 'Human' Video Jan 27, 2015
Reebok: Free Range T-Shirts Print (Slideshow) Jan 12, 2015
Reebok's New Spokes-Athlete Is . . . a Chicken Video Jan 12, 2015