Yaron Keinan

Above the Line Studio

Title Medium Date
Elite Chocolate: The Splendid Sequel Video Aug 25, 2016

Graphics Studio

Title Medium Date
SuperPharm Life: Life Dental Floss Print (image) Feb 17, 2015
SuperPharm Life: Life Dental Floss Corn Print (image) Feb 17, 2015


Title Medium Date
Mazda - Cars not inclluded Video Sep 06, 2016
Mazda: Batteries Not Included Video Sep 06, 2016
The Parents Circle-Families Forum (PCFF): Taking Steps Interactive (video) Mar 13, 2016

Studio ATL

Title Medium Date
This billboard welcomed Prince William to Israel with an ad for sunscreen Print (video) Jun 27, 2018

Studio Director

Title Medium Date

Studio Manager

Title Medium Date
Ford: Ford Explorer Interactive (video) Nov 02, 2014