Yossi Lubaton

Agency CEO

Title Medium Date
Modern Dancers Conjure up an Underwater World for Israeli Drugstore Video Jun 24, 2015


Title Medium Date
Super-Pharm: Toiletico Fantastico Video Sep 06, 2016
Mazda - Cars not inclluded Video Sep 06, 2016
Mazda: Batteries Not Included Video Sep 06, 2016
Elite Chocolate: The Splendid Sequel Video Aug 25, 2016
Delek Motors: The Taste Drive Video Apr 17, 2016
The Parents Circle-Families Forum (PCFF): Taking Steps Interactive (video) Mar 13, 2016
Delek Motors: Your Feet Have Got Potential Print (image) Feb 28, 2016
Elite Must Bubble Gum: The Stinkiest Print Ad Ever Print (video) Jan 17, 2016
Elite Turkish Coffee: Saving the Proposal Video Jan 11, 2016
American Express: It's Gonna Get Dirty Print (image) Oct 29, 2015
SuperPharm Life: An Underwater Tale Video Jun 23, 2015
Carmel Wineries: Foodography Interactive (video) Apr 28, 2015
The Parents Circle Families Forum: The Monument to the Future Victimes of the Conflict Interactive (video) Mar 16, 2015
Strauss: Achla Tahini Sauce Video Feb 26, 2015
SuperPharm Life: Life Dental Floss Print (image) Feb 17, 2015
SuperPharm Life: Life Dental Floss Corn Print (image) Feb 17, 2015
Carlsberg: The Drinking Equation Print (image) Jan 27, 2015
Ford: Ford Edge: Napoleon Print (image) Dec 07, 2014
Ford: Ford Explorer Interactive (video) Nov 02, 2014
Elite Chocolate: Cow Chocolate: Celebrating 80 years with 80 year olds Video Sep 09, 2014
Ford: Robber Print (image) Mar 20, 2014
Bekol: Kiss Print (image) Mar 10, 2014
Bekol: Snoop Dogg Print (image) Mar 10, 2014
Bekol: Miley Cyrus Print (image) Mar 10, 2014
Bekol: David Bowie Print (image) Mar 10, 2014
Hummus Brand Sets Up "Tasting Restaurant" To Impress Israeli Foodies Print (video) May 28, 2013

Chief Executive Officer

Title Medium Date
A Guy Shaves Off His Beard ... and Creates a Moving Docu-Style Ad Video Jul 27, 2015
Procter & Gamble: Ariel: Suarez Print (image) Feb 15, 2015
Elite Chocolate: The Birthday Chocolates Video Sep 29, 2014