Y&R, New York


Title Medium Date
Bulletproof vests for kids--the next big thing? Interactive (image) Mar 22, 2018
Being 'Nice' Isn't Enough, Says Kind Snacks' Film Directed by Emmanuel Lubezki Video Dec 12, 2017
Y&R's Augmented Reality App Creates Virtual Statues of Women in Public Spaces Interactive (image) May 03, 2017
Actor Jeffrey Wright Takes the Stage to Uncover the Real 'Magic' of Dell Technologies Video Mar 23, 2017
Cirque du Soleil Wants You to Know Its Amazing Performers Are Real People Too Print (image) Mar 02, 2017
Xerox's Classic 'Brother Dominic' Ad Gets a More Miraculous, Digital-Era Update Video Jan 04, 2017
Campbell's Chunky: Everyman All-Star League Draft Video Aug 22, 2016
NFL Stars Draft Everyday Guys in Campbell's Chunky Campaign Video Aug 22, 2016
Colgate's Hotel Sink Liners Will Guilt You Into Conserving Water Print (image) May 13, 2016
Giant Emojis Get It On in MTV's 'Safe Sext' Campaign for World Aids Day Video Dec 01, 2015
Land Rover: Instagram Adventures - Indian Tea AKA Mormon Tea Interactive (image) Jul 23, 2015
Follow a Land Rover-Branded Adventure Story Via Instagram Interactive (image) Jul 23, 2015
The Publisher of Bestselling Author William Boyd's New Interactive Story? Land Rover Interactive (image) Nov 12, 2014
This Touching Animated Short by an Oscar-Winning Director Just Might Inspire You to Become an Organ Donor Video Sep 30, 2014
Brooklyn Water Fountain Likes to Chat With People While They Drink Video Aug 27, 2014
Campbell's Chunky: Mama's Boy-- Richard Sherman (Copter Caper Characters) Interactive (image) Aug 18, 2014
Richard Sherman Is Campbell's Latest Mama's Boy Video Aug 18, 2014
Dell: Five-Second Filmmaker Video Aug 01, 2014
Dell Paves the Road to Self(ie) Improvement Interactive (image) Jun 26, 2014
Special Olympics: R-Word Exchange Video Jun 05, 2014
Hillshire Farm: So American, You Can Taste It Print (image) May 28, 2014
Help A Bond-Style Drive Beat The Sun In Land Rover's Interactive Games Interactive (image) Nov 15, 2013
Land Rover and Noam Murro Take a Rough Tumble for New Slo-Mo Spot Video Apr 22, 2013
Milanos, Women's New Drug of Choice Video Mar 15, 2013
Dell: Thomas, Creator of an Alternate Universe Video Feb 13, 2013
Dell: Stars Video Oct 23, 2012
Dell: Annie Video Jul 27, 2012
Virgin Atlantic: Union Jack Square Print (image) Jul 12, 2012
Land Rover: 7th Wheel Video May 15, 2012
PETA: Giraffe Video May 11, 2012
PETA: Combo Video May 11, 2012
PETA: Chimp Video May 11, 2012
PETA: Lion Video May 11, 2012
Conrad Hotels & Resorts: Metamorphosis Video May 11, 2012
PETA: Elephant Video May 11, 2012
PETA: Bear Video May 11, 2012
Y&R New York: Who Like, Likes You Interactive (image) Feb 14, 2012
Range Rover: The Presence Project Video Oct 18, 2011
Tulipan: Customizable Condoms Print (image) Jun 30, 2011
VH1: Fake Love Video May 18, 2011
Land Rover: Pathological Liar Video May 03, 2011
Land Rover: Dirty Cops Video May 03, 2011
New York Post: Headless Body in a Topless Bar Print (image) Jan 24, 2011
Land Rover: City vs. Nature Print (image) Dec 16, 2010
Land Rover: City vs. Nature - The Making Of... Print (image) Dec 16, 2010
LG: Good News Times Square Billboard Print (image) Dec 14, 2010
Border Action Network: Profile the Governor Interactive (image) Dec 01, 2010