Zenith Optimedia


Title Medium Date
Athletes Become Tires in Bridgestone's Olympics Ad Video Aug 08, 2016


Title Medium Date
This Unexpected Honda Civic Spot Features a Shih Tzu and a Meteor Video Jul 11, 2016
Honda Civic: Chase It Video Jul 07, 2016
Delek Motors: The Taste Drive Video Apr 17, 2016
Toohey's Extra Dry: Nocturnal Migration Video Sep 29, 2011
Toohey's New: Boat Video Feb 09, 2010
Toohey's New: Fixing Video Feb 09, 2010

Media Agency

Title Medium Date
Finish calls on a gospel favorite in ad about 'letting it shine' Video Jun 05, 2018
Snickers Took Over a Whole TV Channel and Made It Act Out of Character Video Oct 27, 2017
Olympic Boxing Champion Nicola Adams Promotes 'No Fuss' Skincare for E45 Video Jul 31, 2017
Harvey Nichols Dubs an Italian Drama in 'Britalia' Themed Holiday Film Video Nov 03, 2016
Harvey Nichols: Great Men Deserve Great Style Print (Slideshow) May 05, 2016
Harvey Nichols: Great Men Deserve Great Style: Einstein Video May 05, 2016
Harvey Nichols: Great Men Deserve Great Style: Charles Darwin Video May 05, 2016
Harvey Nichols: Great Men Deserve Great Style: Boris Johnson Video May 05, 2016
Harvey Nichols: Great Men Deserve Great Style: Shakespeare Video May 05, 2016
Obama's Dad Jeans, Einstein's Girly Sandals Are Stars of Harvey Nichols' Men's Campaign Video May 05, 2016
Harvey Nichols: Vogue's 100th Anniversary Print (image) Apr 29, 2016
Harvey Nichols Celebrates Vogue's Centenary With a 100-Year-Old Model Video Apr 29, 2016
Nescafe: Sleepy Alex Video Jan 05, 2016
Nescafe Gives a Suburban Mom a Royal Surprise in Latest 'Big Start' Film Video Jan 05, 2016
A Skydiver Gets a Heart-Stopping Mid-Air Challenge From NatWest Video Oct 19, 2015
Urine Leakage Won't Distract This Guy From Doing Amazing Things Video Sep 24, 2015
Harvey Nichols: Shoplifters (Print) Print (Slideshow) Jul 13, 2015
Harvey Nichols' Shoplifting Ad Takes Cannes Film Grand Prix Video Jul 13, 2015
TENA: TENA Men Keep Control Video Mar 20, 2015
HomeAway: The Whole Story: Emma Video Mar 16, 2015
A Girl and Her Dog Are Reunited in Linked Ads From HomeAway Video Mar 16, 2015
Puma is 'Calling All Troublemakers' in New Sports Star Studded Spot Video Aug 07, 2014
Carling Gets Nostalgic With Cameo From 80s Lads Video May 30, 2013
Rowse Honey: Thank You to the Bees Interactive (image) May 09, 2012
Twinings: Gets You Back To You Video Oct 05, 2011

Media and Network Integration

Title Medium Date
XXXX Gold: XXXX Island Interactive (video) Mar 15, 2012

Media Buying Agency

Title Medium Date
Could Your Morning Nescafe Transform You Into a Cheesy 'Legend' Like This Guy? Video Oct 11, 2016

Media/Comms Planning

Title Medium Date
Prison Break's Dominic Purcell Gets Oddly Intense Over Yoplait Yogurt Video Sep 21, 2015
Yoplait: A Man of Yogurt-Texture Video Sep 21, 2015