Hudson Rouge - Work - Creativity Online urn:uuid:e94a371f-6c30-3b93-36ae-08719c2c38bd 2014-07-23T11:16:23-04:00 Creativity Online Staff Work credited to Hudson Rouge Lincoln: Introducing the Lincoln Motor Company urn:uuid:bea8278c-9667-d60f-929c-d99c7210f7dc -1]]> Creativity Online Lincoln: Steer The Script urn:uuid:5c670e9d-34fe-9a16-9f46-8dcfe305f2e5 -1]]> Creativity Online Lincoln: Time for Magic urn:uuid:99a9b97a-dfea-407b-ce13-2cc778af1a37 -1]]> Creativity Online Lincoln: Road Trip -- Super Bowl XLVII urn:uuid:d80fbca3-ea04-c8f5-36fc-9af804b31534 -1]]> Creativity Online Lincoln: Phoenix -- Super Bowl XLVII -- EMBARGOED urn:uuid:50c89358-6c70-7068-e02a-a2f9f4933751 -1]]> Creativity Online Lincoln: Hello Again urn:uuid:220efd1d-4b2f-ee89-5f8b-ce503e8dabb5 -1]]> Creativity Online