Creativity Online - Creative Profiles urn:uuid:592bc2c9-1085-061e-b0e0-996c28638d2c 2017-02-22T10:01:44-05:00 Creativity Online Staff Jamie Oliver Serves Up A Commercial Feast at New Production Shop Fat Lemon urn:uuid:519944a0-8ae1-63fc-6070-2cbad3c320cd
The Celebrity Chef On Why He's Adding Ads to His Plate]]> Thu, 06 Feb 2014 08:54 EST
Creativity 2013 Agency of the Year: BBDO New York urn:uuid:bf473f13-9f28-048e-341b-f29b3ef448f3
BBDO New York puts to rest the question of whether a big shop can do game-changing creative.]]> Sun, 02 Feb 2014 18:13 EST
Creativity Innovators Of The Year2013: R/GA urn:uuid:10fd2e86-9ac2-9064-1f5d-2cde27884c21
Digital Agency Becomes All-in-One Shop, Offering Everything from Product Innovation to High-End Broadcast]]> Wed, 29 Jan 2014 15:22 EST
Creativity's Agency and Innovators of the Year urn:uuid:588a537f-c07d-83b4-f131-54701cd9dcc0
Our Annual Assessment of the Industry's Most Creative Shops]]> Wed, 29 Jan 2014 14:58 EST
Six Things You Didn't Know About Wongdoody's Pam Fujimoto urn:uuid:45e297ae-ce1b-08ea-0811-61a0390d7e34
She recently returned to the agency where she got her first gig.]]> Fri, 24 Jan 2014 14:48 EST
Creativity Innovators Of The Year: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam urn:uuid:f1d97ba8-9811-e479-80b0-17054cd07e63 A new travel brand, a human printing press and dropping people in the middle of nowhere]]> Wed, 15 Jan 2014 09:36 EST Creativity Innovators Of The Year: Mullen urn:uuid:b9f6b14e-7809-b56d-0368-b6fc59007d61
Good use of social media and well-timed tactical campaigns made Mullen's work stand out this year.]]> Wed, 15 Jan 2014 09:10 EST
Six Things You Didn't Know about Barton F. Graf 9000 Founder/CCO Gerry Graf urn:uuid:7f232833-51f2-dd6f-87af-76a1153f91c6
From Rat Killer to 'Cats' performer, He's Been Around the Block.]]> Thu, 09 Jan 2014 13:10 EST
Ivan Cash, The Man Behind 'The Last Photo' Experiment, Shares His Last Photo urn:uuid:812a4740-ce00-71e6-2381-c744db8391d5
Internet Artist Kicks off "The Last Thing," a New Series Looking Into the Inspirations and Interior Lives of Talented Creators]]> Thu, 09 Jan 2014 13:02 EST
Six Things You Didn't Know About Colle & McVoy CCO Mike Caguin urn:uuid:f139ce11-5e56-ab85-1398-1d1b29d6838a
Do You Know What He's Doing During Conference Calls?]]> Fri, 13 Dec 2013 09:05 EST
Six Things You Didn't Know About DraftFCB Chicago CCO Todd Tilford urn:uuid:d62e0fa3-47a7-1dcb-fed6-4d73845d0a68
Offbeat Kmart Hits Aren't the Only Thing This Chief Creative Can Make]]> Thu, 05 Dec 2013 16:21 EST
Six Things You Didn't Know About Johannes Leonardo's Jan Jacobs urn:uuid:103519ad-5163-6da9-e062-9924ad64a253
He Once Had Flock of Seagulls Hair]]> Fri, 22 Nov 2013 12:39 EST
Six Things You Didn't Know About Young & Laramore's Carolyn Hadlock urn:uuid:059ab73e-482e-4d88-d00d-ade163005c63
The executive creative director is also a ham sandwich snob with firm recommendations (like Hannah's Bretzel in Chicago).]]> Fri, 01 Nov 2013 14:54 EDT
Six Things You Didn't Know About Evolution Bureau's Steve Babcock urn:uuid:48227729-faa6-41c6-1978-29d34a1c759e
The ECD Has Digital Smarts, a Shaved Head and Talk Show Aspirations]]> Fri, 25 Oct 2013 15:07 EDT
Sitdown with a Director: Fredrik Bond on His First Film 'Charlie Countryman' urn:uuid:cfb8388e-2c3f-2feb-f792-4fb584ca8fa9
Man Behind Heineken's "The Entrance" Discusses Crossing Over to Features, Shia LaBeouf's Interesting Acting Methods and More]]> Wed, 16 Oct 2013 14:54 EDT
After 25 Years as Adman, Mike Shine Transitions to Full-Time Artist urn:uuid:b62f72c5-f0b4-aa51-c9f7-f1e98ed6c913
BSSP Creative and Co-Founder Departs Agency to Focus on His Passion]]> Wed, 21 Aug 2013 16:20 EDT
That Cookie-Killing Student? An Ad Agency Just Hired Her urn:uuid:8c707994-0711-286f-e174-1e6fdeab7268
CHI and Partners Executive CD Says Rachel Law Has 'Brain He Hasn't Met Before']]> Tue, 13 Aug 2013 10:47 EDT
This Student Project Could Kill Digital Ad Targeting urn:uuid:0e20476e-1bc8-9c1a-1169-1e5ae4620a89
She built a browser extension that scrambles your web identity to advertisers. And it's a game.]]> Wed, 03 Jul 2013 11:36 EDT
Six Things You Didn't Know About 180LA's William Gelner urn:uuid:94c9497d-970a-027c-5427-166de6e4e834
See the amazing things the agency's CCO can do with his body, and more]]> Tue, 02 Jul 2013 18:19 EDT
Lee Clow on Advertising, Then and Now urn:uuid:63910b80-2224-0bc6-32be-445c224baeb2
After a lengthy hiatus, the ad legend is returning to the South of France as the 2013 honoree of the prestigious Lion of St. Mark award]]> Tue, 11 Jun 2013 11:04 EDT
Creativity 50: Joe Sexton urn:uuid:d4a61d33-3861-064a-5f91-7b917cddd740
Editor]]> Tue, 04 Jun 2013 05:55 EDT
Six Things You Didn't Know About La Comunidad's Jose Molla urn:uuid:fcbef43a-c697-4c02-58ca-083f61e12fe6
The bearded man who scares the heck out him, the things he makes on boats and more]]> Wed, 29 May 2013 12:54 EDT
Six Things You Didn't Know About Droga5's Ted Royer urn:uuid:f15a7227-0e8d-cf42-ee6b-b1f144b84d6d
"Bewitched" Character Darrin Stephens Inspired Him to Enter Advertising. Seriously.]]> Wed, 15 May 2013 12:29 EDT
Six Things You Didn't Know About The Martin Agency's Joe Alexander urn:uuid:0d140759-1132-603c-48ff-9402a63a7ff9
He loves to cut grass.]]> Wed, 08 May 2013 12:43 EDT
Six Things You Didn't Know About Rei Inamoto urn:uuid:de70bd71-c1d5-cb28-5a58-6d7fa070161f
His iPhone camera roll is filled with photos of the ocean.]]> Wed, 01 May 2013 10:43 EDT
Creatives You Should Know 2013 urn:uuid:63c1ad74-a9e8-bd3d-82c6-94cf16fcbb98
The faces behind some of the ad world's most innovative ideas]]> Sun, 28 Apr 2013 09:57 EDT
Creatives You Should Know 2013: Hugo Veiga and Diego Machado urn:uuid:aaea4d05-bc80-2d70-0254-9a43bf83917c
Creatives, Ogilvy Brazil]]> Thu, 25 Apr 2013 19:30 EDT
Creatives You Should Know 2013: Rafael Guida urn:uuid:042273ad-da74-51ae-78ce-b49f22510800
Creative Director, OgilvyOne, Kuala Lumpur]]> Thu, 25 Apr 2013 19:28 EDT
Creatives You Should Know 2013: Geoffrey Hantson and Katrien Bottez urn:uuid:695f2703-08dc-9643-8013-086988fb4c0e
Executive Creative Directors, Duval Guillaume Modem]]> Thu, 25 Apr 2013 19:26 EDT
Creatives You Should Know 2013: Thomas Kemeny and Josh Engmann urn:uuid:c92f1dc4-39dc-171f-748f-ced5100095d8
Creatives, Mother New York]]> Thu, 25 Apr 2013 19:24 EDT