Creativity Online - Top Rated Ads urn:uuid:bdb8dd6a-296c-82d7-8b53-34282bcbf5fb 2014-10-23T03:22:05-04:00 Creativity Online Staff The Top Rated list reflects the 10 work items that received the highest ratings from our audience on our 1-5 star rating scale. Ratings are applied immediately and the Top Rated list reflects the highest rated items of the week. In cases of equal scores, work with a greater number of ratings will appear higher on the list. Be sure to rate your most (and least) favorite work! JBL: Epic Fail urn:uuid:a477b607-1a31-2e82-ba4f-7a3631ac42d0 ]]> Creativity Online Coca-Cola: Private Message Bottle urn:uuid:c15ded35-7f22-fdd1-c7ea-496b90009d51 ]]> Creativity Online Scotiabank (CA): Science Fair urn:uuid:f2ac7d2d-a349-c33d-314d-41f3e6762747 ]]> Creativity Online Schick Xtreme3: 2014 Schick Xtreme Comfort Games urn:uuid:bc51f1d5-a611-8638-4aa8-c37b2e902a24 ]]> Creativity Online Netflix: Basement urn:uuid:1db42fa4-c58d-7760-776b-d23d5a23e051 ]]> Creativity Online Colorado Lottery: A Patient Man (Dir. Cut) urn:uuid:c4e030ae-f8e5-88c6-088f-38e7b3c9f2e4 ]]> Creativity Online Tine: Goat urn:uuid:ccb9df26-9b03-92bd-df48-bcd489bdeacf ]]> Creativity Online 9Lives: Cat's Eye View urn:uuid:8ace210d-c77f-b200-d018-f3828afc1824 ]]> Creativity Online ING Direct: Big Questions: Market urn:uuid:c5e31c92-4074-d63b-ef5b-d675b4d6f6fa ]]> Creativity Online Oxo: Fusilli urn:uuid:6e83482e-5297-ba97-3323-51bdf9923544 ]]> Creativity Online