Creativity Online - Top Rated Ads urn:uuid:bdb8dd6a-296c-82d7-8b53-34282bcbf5fb 2014-11-23T12:16:12-05:00 Creativity Online Staff The Top Rated list reflects the 10 work items that received the highest ratings from our audience on our 1-5 star rating scale. Ratings are applied immediately and the Top Rated list reflects the highest rated items of the week. In cases of equal scores, work with a greater number of ratings will appear higher on the list. Be sure to rate your most (and least) favorite work! Huggies Korea: Happy Moment urn:uuid:ac200f1e-50da-7d54-c772-896cb343b987 ]]> Creativity Online Sainsbury's: Official Christmas Ad urn:uuid:4b42ee23-9d42-c4ab-d4cf-05a45190c078 ]]> Creativity Online Universal Music: Move Like Lorde urn:uuid:b214bdb7-2c6e-42c5-56b5-e96fcb359752 ]]> Creativity Online Samsung: Swarovski for Samsung - Make The Moment Shine urn:uuid:669f728c-a0ec-9b48-01aa-3a489885eb38 ]]> Creativity Online IKEA Sweden: #XmasNoMatterWhat urn:uuid:fadda47f-2674-2185-e1d1-881310059967 ]]> Creativity Online Canal Digital: Silver Hand urn:uuid:60dd2bdb-01ae-c3ad-0277-b2fcf432ba11 ]]> Creativity Online FedEx: Show the World urn:uuid:d0f2eac3-a148-0bb9-e410-ab106684dc7e ]]> Creativity Online Volvo: Volvo Reality Test Drive Teaser urn:uuid:dff2eaf2-3fa4-087c-e14a-63fee9f01bc4 ]]> Creativity Online THINK Road Safety: Don't Drink Drive 50th Anniversary urn:uuid:6279ac96-2117-f2f4-f085-9e0a0af46aab ]]> Creativity Online IKEA Sweden: Kitchen Blind Test urn:uuid:975e8a02-db37-101a-f4fc-a8bab9062fb4 ]]> Creativity Online