Creativity Online - Top Rated Ads urn:uuid:bdb8dd6a-296c-82d7-8b53-34282bcbf5fb 2015-03-05T19:16:59-05:00 Creativity Online Staff The Top Rated list reflects the 10 work items that received the highest ratings from our audience on our 1-5 star rating scale. Ratings are applied immediately and the Top Rated list reflects the highest rated items of the week. In cases of equal scores, work with a greater number of ratings will appear higher on the list. Be sure to rate your most (and least) favorite work! K&N Engineering: Pedal Down urn:uuid:f58062fc-4ba2-1ee5-7c36-6a9107fd7197 ]]> Creativity Online Casa de Zezinho: The Cloak of Invisibility urn:uuid:b7d6438f-b712-64ed-2da8-46d75b4dea79 ]]> Creativity Online Xfinity: Emily's Oz Commercial urn:uuid:213d4a59-39b3-3c94-fed6-886e8ebfeddf ]]> Creativity Online Visa: We Were in Castelao, Without Being in Castelao urn:uuid:a291b18c-e05c-26ee-d1c5-571c8d823162 ]]> Creativity Online Women's Aid: Digitally Activated Billboard urn:uuid:089b7d05-7c41-9b0e-c7a6-a873e9a48a38 ]]> Creativity Online Ad Council: Love Has No Labels (video) urn:uuid:19e78f77-ee8c-cf00-4d4c-5aabf394be88 ]]> Creativity Online AIA Korea: The Best Homemade Meal Ever, 'Mom's Dish' urn:uuid:2e123afd-b664-41b6-37df-7004b20d7bc0 ]]> Creativity Online Apple: Shot on iPhone 6 urn:uuid:bcc76c17-8f94-a2f3-cc30-16718e68a759 ]]> Creativity Online Launch urn:uuid:8b17866a-87c4-692e-4012-316ace20b566 ]]> Creativity Online Google Play: California Inspires Me - Mark Mothersbaugh urn:uuid:08e097ad-b02f-870b-7398-4174a32904dd ]]> Creativity Online