Creativity Online - Top Rated Ads urn:uuid:bdb8dd6a-296c-82d7-8b53-34282bcbf5fb 2015-07-30T01:54:15-04:00 Creativity Online Staff The Top Rated list reflects the 10 work items that received the highest ratings from our audience on our 1-5 star rating scale. Ratings are applied immediately and the Top Rated list reflects the highest rated items of the week. In cases of equal scores, work with a greater number of ratings will appear higher on the list. Be sure to rate your most (and least) favorite work! Nike/Spotify: Nike+ Running With Spotify Streaming urn:uuid:0a83b3db-17ae-2637-1498-89b7af0256e8 ]]> Creativity Online Sling TV: Take Back TV urn:uuid:976f4952-892b-46d3-f885-4300ba8117b8 ]]> Creativity Online Domino's: Emoji Literacy urn:uuid:79e80734-de93-d349-922f-0084d2cb2e4d ]]> Creativity Online MTV: White Squad urn:uuid:e106511f-c878-eb45-93fb-2191e7fab900 ]]> Creativity Online John McNeil Studio: 2K at 15 - The Age of Adolescence urn:uuid:13187501-9d20-28b7-bb94-bc7fb0844e93 ]]> Creativity Online Harvey Nichols: Shoplifters urn:uuid:2d403dc3-9b5e-175c-f056-9542181faab1 ]]> Creativity Online Always: Unstoppable urn:uuid:7c74c7c5-b2e3-47d9-6a40-43f6e7a1b3e3 ]]> Creativity Online AT&T: It Can Wait - Close to Home urn:uuid:dff4fe07-9848-b8b2-3537-ce81a9381c84 ]]> Creativity Online McDonald's: Free McFlurry urn:uuid:4bb6ef94-f7d9-4a4a-2170-81c9a02828de ]]> Creativity Online Nike: The Nike Flyease Story urn:uuid:ddca6eea-3a6e-9de7-6402-6a1d7c82adfb ]]> Creativity Online