Creativity Online - Top Rated Ads urn:uuid:bdb8dd6a-296c-82d7-8b53-34282bcbf5fb 2014-09-20T05:46:26-04:00 Creativity Online Staff The Top Rated list reflects the 10 work items that received the highest ratings from our audience on our 1-5 star rating scale. Ratings are applied immediately and the Top Rated list reflects the highest rated items of the week. In cases of equal scores, work with a greater number of ratings will appear higher on the list. Be sure to rate your most (and least) favorite work! Dairy Queen: Blizzard Battle urn:uuid:b9e67d36-6b74-7008-d21d-5cc27dab9fb4 ]]> Creativity Online Starbucks: Apology urn:uuid:68e7fef3-4bc4-ca0c-fa07-d564da94fe0b ]]> Creativity Online Old Navy: Courtroom- Fall 2014 (Outtakes) urn:uuid:60bf28c9-ca77-5233-b091-3aac2e90d3c0 ]]> Creativity Online Nordstrom: Shoes That Move You: Cardboard Box urn:uuid:a1d346d4-2921-1540-2b0d-667306b97c0d ]]> Creativity Online Schlage: Doormat urn:uuid:b5344dbd-611d-0c7b-5e5c-64e469981c4e ]]> Creativity Online Itaka Center for Missing People: Waiting Signs urn:uuid:091ce94f-43a9-e6b9-aeb2-844764eb9697 ]]> Creativity Online Susan G. Komen: The Greatest Fight urn:uuid:47779046-7451-a744-1d1e-3921bce45b2c ]]> Creativity Online Starbucks: Kick urn:uuid:f7fb5b50-f500-3249-b0dc-e5d1c8e252e0 ]]> Creativity Online Esquire: F*ck Off, I'm Helping urn:uuid:a2b5e0d1-1d87-1028-149b-b0c19ff17ed0 ]]> Creativity Online Vorwerk: Robot Love Story urn:uuid:8289b05b-8c91-de23-0b06-4490e1d0063a ]]> Creativity Online